Presents for New Parents

If you know someone in your family or your circle of friends that is expecting a baby, then you should do your best to find them a gift. Being a new parent is tough without having some support from the ones they love. Don’t worry, most new parents are going to get their own things that they need, so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

There are two conflicting ideas when shopping for presents for new parents: “Should you buy something they need? Or, should you buy something they want?” For example, you can buy the new parents a Diaper Genie wastebasket, or you can buy them a super cool baby onesie that says something funny on the front of it. Whichever way you go, these presents will surely be appreciated when their little one is born.

Here are a few items to consider getting a new parent:

  1. Bubzi Co. Baby Handprint and Footprint Air-Drying Clay Frame DIY Kit – White – $23.95
    ImgThis adorable gift is something that every parent wants. It comes with a bit of clay inside the frame, so the parents can get molds of their baby’s feet and hands. There are two spaces on the right side for pictures, so everyone can put a baby face to the mold.

  2. Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set – $18.00
    imgBuying all the things a healthy baby needs can get expensive quickly. If you want to help ease the financial burden for the new parents a bit, you can get them this gift set that has tear-free/hypoallergenic, stress relieving baby wash and shampoo with comfort and calming scents like lavender and a bottle of daily moisturizer lotion for any type of skin. Aveeno makes a lot of products and gift baskets that you can choose from so you can get the perfect gift for the new parents.

  3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym – $39.99
    imgYou can always count on Fisher Price having most of the best toys and essentials for babies, toddlers, and older kids. This little play gym has many things that attract a baby’s attention so that they can learn and play while having fun. The gym promotes being active with tummy time, so the child can learn to move and play safely. If you really want to give the best gift to the new parents, then this toy gym is a perfect option.

  4. Nuby Ice Gel Baby Teether Keys – $3.54
    imgTeether toys are a necessity for babies and new parents. Infants begin teething around three months old, and during that time, they get very fussy because their mouth is in pain as their baby teeth come in. Luckily, Nuby makes great teething toys that the child can chew on and play with. They work wonderfully to help soothe the baby. And, it’s great for the parents too. These teething keys are filled with a nontoxic gel that can be frozen. The cold teether helps with the baby’s pain even further. The gel helps it stay cold, for longer.

  5. Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions Diaper Pail – $25.00
    imgDiapers are nasty business. The one thing new parents do not look forward to is the dirty diapers. If you want to get them one of the best gifts you can, then consider a Diaper Genie. It’s better than a regular garbage can because it seals everything inside of it. Plus, the bags that go with it are refillable cartridges that hold up to 270 diapers. The lid has a carbon filter that helps with any smells trying to escape. New parents have too much to handle and don’t need to worry about a stinky house. This diaper pail is an excellent gift for any new parent.

All the above gift items are things that new parents need. But, if you want to get them some cool stuff, then consider checking out some websites that make custom onesies, shirts, pants, and little hats for the baby. These can be made with heartfelt messages or can have something silly and fun on them.

You can also think about getting swaddle blankets, toys, and safety equipment for the new parents’ home. All these things are cheap and great to have for new moms and dads.