Top 5 Stores with the Best Return Policies

We’ve all bought something on impulse. You’ve been snooping around a big mall, and you’ve seen something you’ve instantly thought is ” The one ” item you’ve absolutely been needing. So you’ve bought it, great!

But alas, once you’ve returned home, you saw the error of your ways. Either it’s out of your budget, or it’s really not as amazing as you thought it was.

Bummer! No need to panic though – if you’ve bought your product from one of these stores, you can return it with absolutely no problem! Here’s a short but well-thought-out list of stores with the absolute best return policies around!

Number 1: Old Navy width=

Imagine this. You’re strolling around a shopping mall and you’ve gazed upon a perfect pair of camo pants.

After entering the store and trying them out, and the cashier assuring you that you look absolutely fabulous, you’re quickly on your way home. Once you take them out of the bag and try them on again, however, you decide that the two of you were never meant to be.

If you’ve saved the receipt, Old Navy will gladly get your impulse-bought pants back within 45 days. The best way to return any clothing item to a store is not to wear it, as most shops won’t take back worn clothes, let alone soiled in any way. Buy smart, people!

Number 2: Bed Bath and Beyond width=

If you’ve bought something in Bed Bath and Beyond that you thought would be the perfect addition to your house, and it turns out to not fit, there’s no reason to fret! Bed Bath and Beyond have a great return policy. All of their stores keep track of purchases, so you can return your item at any store around!

If you’ve bought something that has been brought to your house via a truck, you can still return it, but you need to organize a pickup time with the store you’re returning it to. Purchases without a receipt can still be returned, but only within a year of purchase.

Number 3: L.L. Bean width=

L.L. Bean has one of the best return policies around. As they guarantee themselves, they have a 100% buyer satisfaction policy and will take products back with no problem. Earlier this year they ended their previous overly generous return policy which made them the pinnacle of returns, due to people abusing the system.

But, L.L. Bean still has a return policy that’s as quick as it takes you to fill out a short form. You can find the schematic for the form on their website, or on a quick click here.

Number 4: Trader Joe’s width=

Trader Joes? You have to be kidding me. It might sound like a joke, but it’s 100% true. Trader Joe offers refunds at any time. If you’ve bought party supplies or just exceeded your budget, they’ll take back anything you haven’t eaten with no questions asked, as stated by their website.

Don’t abuse this though, as they won’t take anything that’s past its expiration date. Like dealing with most of their competitors, you still need a receipt to return an item, so be sure to keep it on you the next time you’re performing your weekend shopping.

Number 5: Amazon


November 2, 2018 Sunnyvale / CA / USA – Amazon headquarters located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco bay area

The only internet store on this list, Amazon’s return policy is way ahead of its competition. All items shipped from Amazon have a 30-day return policy. Even if some items have special return policies, all of them can be returned within 30 days of the receipt.

Don’t rush. After all, Amazon is only a site. It may take some time for your item to be processed as well as your payment.

Again, you need to return your item in the condition you got it, so don’t return any broken or damaged items unless they were delivered to you this way. If you want to look at the full return policy of Amazon, you can do so with a click here.

With such great return policies, it’s easy to see why people love shopping at the stores we mentioned above. Give them a try yourself, it’s virtually risk-free!