Top 7 Cheap & Chic Cooking Gadgets You Need in Your Life

Since the days of old, people have loved cooking, and ever since those days, people have invented numerous kinds of gadgets to make their cooking simpler, faster, and much more fun. There are millions of gadgets spanning millions of different uses and qualities, but it’s pretty hard to pick out a great product without breaking the bank.

After careful thought and thorough research, we’ve collected some easy-to-use, fun, and simple gadgets that can make you a master chef in minutes! Here are the seven cheap and chic cooking gadgets you can’t live without!

Dumpling Mold

We double dare you to find one person on this planet that doesn’t adore dumplings. How can they not? Dumplings are fun, versatile, and, most of all, taste like heaven itself. Making your own dumplings may sound like a complicated task, but with a few quick tries, we’re pretty sure you’ll get the hang of it.

By far the cheapest item on our list, it will set you back only 0.42$ plus shipping. width=

Pasta Maker

All right, you probably get it by now. We’re very biased when it comes to homemade pasta. Just like dumplings, if you get the dough right, and use the machine according to instructions, you’ll get yourself a ticket to pasta heaven in a matter of minutes.

The cool thing about this pasta maker is its versatility. You can make your dough with anything and everything, and turn it into delicious pasta with a couple of quick and easy cranks.

This high-quality heavy-duty machinery will set you back only 24.72$ plus shipping, an absolute bargain!


Crinkle Cutting Knife

Crinkle cut fries? Yes, please! As numerous years of personal experience has taught me, crinkle cut fries are just superior to all other cuts of potato. The best thing about a crinkle cut knife is its sturdiness. Instead of other lesser quality “cutting apparatus”, the knife lasts a surprisingly long time. You can also cut fruit with it to make an amazing looking and tasting fruit salad!

This fun knife will crinkle cut your gadget budget only 1.49$! width=

Vegetable Spiralizer

The crinkle cut fries of vegetable cutting! There is nothing more useful that stringed vegetables if you’re making Asian food, as most people do these days. The vegetable spiralizer can also aid you in the making of salads, even better if combined with the crinkle cutting knife. This model also comes with a knife sharpener, which is always a plus in the kitchen. Get crazy and creative with it!

Spiraling your wallet, this cutting-edge gadget will cost you a measly 3.90$. /></span></p>
<p><a href=Breakfast Maker

Holey Moley! I can swear I thought about making this on my own way back when I was a child! This ultimate breakfast maker is the solution to your everyday morning problem, with a pretty darn cheap price tag! The amazing part of this top of the line breakfast maker is that it offers a full customizing opportunity, having a fresh and new type of breakfast that’s easy to make every morning.

This contraption will not only make your stomach happy but your wallet too. With a price tag of only 24.99$! width=

Donut Maker

We couldn’t make a list of delicious kitchen gadgets without a dessert gadget, could we? This handy donut maker offers you millions of ways to make delicious donuts, the only thing left is to find your very own perfect blend of dough! We’re more than certain that with a few easy test drips, you’ll get the hang of it.

This handy little tool will cost you only 3.23$, plus free shipping.

Now that was our pick for the top 7 kitchen gadgets you most definitely need in your life. All of them combined will set you back just a little under 60$, which is a steal if you’re on a budget and looking to update your kitchen. Till next time, we bid you a hearty farewell.